Travel Journal

Not Quite Madison - July 22

(Thursday 23 July 2009) by Kathy & Andy
We are getting back in the area where the Travelog has cities to choose from that we are in - but not quite. We are in LaCrosse, Wisconsin tonight.

Today we stopped at Pipestone National Monument on the West side of Minnesota. It was the last "National" park or monument for this trip and the kids last Junior Ranger badge. This monument is an area where Indians have dug in quarries for a red stone called Pipestone for generations. It is a sacred area to them and they carve peace pipes out of the stone. It was very valuable in trade. The kids seemed to enjoy the place and we got a couple souveniers from here, including an authentic peace pipe.

After our stop in Pipestone, we drove most of the afternoon. The kids were getting very antsy, but Kathy and I wanted to get off the beaten path for dinner and we managed to find our 'favorite restaurant' of the trip so far in Winona, Minnesota, on the banks of the Mississippi River. It is great in that area and a potential trip in the future.

Tomorrow is all about driving. We've decided to drive from here on out - no House on the Rock for this trip.

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