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Wow - Sunday, July 19 (continued)

(Monday 20 July 2009) by Kathy & Andy
We said goodbyes and left the Canyon village in Yellowstone and planned on moving towards Rapid City (over the next two days). BUT first, we had to leave Yellowstone. We visited overlooks of the Yellowstone Canyon, including "Artist's Point", which is Yellowstone's most recognized vantage point. Absolutely Stunning beyond any other place I know.

Rode down to Yellowstone Lake and then moved out of the park towards Cody, Wyoming. Beautiful ride. We had a late lunch in Cody, and then drove on to Buffalo, Wyoming. Again, a beautiful ride through the Big Horn Mountains.

We made it to Buffalo, Wyoming on Friday night. We have now traveled more than 3000 miles!!!

Saturday morning, we left Buffalo for Devil's Tower and on to Rapid City, South Dakota. The Devil's Tower is my (Andy again) favorite place from childhood. I still love it! Eric, Alyna, Will and Margot (and Scott and Andy) got to climb the rocks around the base of the tower, which was a lot of fun. We did the hike all the way around and then had a picnic lunch on the way out. Then we drove on towards Rapid City, arriving about dinner time. After a quick dinner, we went to Mount Rushmore for the evening presentation, which is when the Mountain is lit up and they show a movie about the 4 presidents and the sculpting of Mount Rushmore. As we found at many exhibits, they've also added a portion about Native Americans.

Sunday was a day in the Badlands, South Dakota. AND IT WAS HOT - 107 in the sun. And we still did the hikes, the kids are Junior Rangers for the 4th time in a National Park (Herbert Hoover, Yellowstone, Devil's Tower, and the Badlands).

It is now Sunday evening and we are caught up with the blogs. Tomorrow's plans are to go to Crazy Horse Mountain and then have a fun afternoon for the kids before starting the drive East. We've actually moved East to a certain extent (of course if has taken us 5 days moving East for the same distance as 1 day when moving West).


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