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Wow - Sunday, July 19

(Monday 20 July 2009) by Kathy & Andy
We have covered a lot of ground and seen some amazing 'attractions' over the past several days. It has been pretty hard to keep track of it all.

Last you heard from us we were leaving Manhattan, Montana for Yellowstone National Park. We had a caravan of cars holding 18 people, including Aunts and Uncles, Grandparents, Parents and Kids. We stopped at the Grizzly and Wolf Exhibit in West Yellowstone where we watched Grizzlies and Wolfs feed and play. Its not too easy to find them in the park these days. Then - ON TO YELLOWSTONE.

The first day we drove through Northwest portion of the park from the West Yellowstone entrance to the Old Faithful area. We saw "Paint Pots" (boiling pools of mud), Geysers, Wildlife, Waterfalls, and great scenic views. We spent the evening in the Old Faithful area and were able to see the geysers go off several times.

The next day in Yellowstone, we started in the geyser area and stopped at the Black Sands geyser basin. Eric's favorite geyser was Cliff Geyser which erupted for several minutes while we were there, right next to a creek. Alyna's is Old Faithful. After this stop, we traveled over to Mammoth Hot Springs.
Old Faithful
Old Faithful
Cliff Geyser -
Cliff Geyser -
Morning Glory Pool
Morning Glory Pool

Mammoth has changed a lot since I (Andy) was there 25 years ago. Many spots have dried up, and some new ones have started.

Now keep in mind that in Yellowstone travel is measured in time, not miles. There are constant stops for Buffalo sightings and between Mammoth and our next stop in Canyon, we were literally stopped in the road by 15 Buffalo. We sat there a bit and took pictures. Then the cars that were backed up as a collective group decided it was time to go (about 15 cars on a one way dirt road). We got a bit closer to these large animals than is actually comfortable.

This evening we spent in Canyon, a small "Yellowstone" village. The views of the Yellowstone canyon were saved for the next morning.

The next morning was time to take a last 'family' picture and say some goodbyes. Montana natives returned to their area and my Aunt and Uncle from Maryland went back to get their flight out of Bozeman. See our next entry....

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