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Just Another Day in Montana - Monday, July 13

(Tuesday 14 July 2009) by Kathy & Andy
Today was our second day in Montana - after the day of anniversary celebrations. So, the sightseeing has begun. Our first destination was Lewis and Clark Caverns. We set out for a 2 hour tour, in the same way as Gilligan set our for his 3 hour tour.

We slept in a bit and then left about 9:30 for the caves. Somehow, I (Andy), didn't remember from when I was a kid that the tour includes 2 miles of hiking up a mountain, 600 steps in the cave, sliding on your behind down damp rock, ducking under rock formations that come down to only 3 or 4 ft above the trail (Alyna didn't have to duck!), and what could be classified as a high altitude workout. But - hearing the kids say many times that it was worth the hike and "that is so cool" was definitely worth it.

Kathy took many, many pictures in the caves - All the rock formations from millions of years ago were absolutely amazing.

After the cave tour, we exited the long, long tunnel and came out into a small hailstorm. Then, we had a great picnic lunch and said goodbye to the "Pennsylvania contingent" - Andy's second cousins. The New York, Maryland, and Virginia groups will be here for awhile yet.

Late afternoon we stopped at the "Headwaters of the Missourri" where Lewis and Clark explored on their expedition.

Dinner - then planning for tomorrow!

All the cousins are having a wonderful time being crazy and running/playing together.

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