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Stump the TravelLog - Today is July 10th and We are in Rapid City, SD

(Saturday 11 July 2009) by Kathy & Andy
OK - There are many, many travelers on Route 90 between Sioux Falls and Rapid City, SD. There are "cities", such as the state capital along the way. Wall Drug has been featured in many national stories (we stopped there), but this travellog doesn't allow selection of anyplace in the states of South Dakota and Montana. Since we will be here for a week and a half, the flag on the map is total guess work. You'll have to look us up on a map. RAPID CITY, SD.

Another big day of driving, but we are getting close!! As long as you consider close within 500 miles. At one point today, the GPS said it was 385 miles to the next major turn. Wow. We will be covering 490 miles tomorrow to our final destination of Manhattan, Montana.

Turns out the Kids are much more interested in Wall Drug, in Wall, SD than in Herbert Hoover. Also, More interested in Scooby Doo DVDs than 100's of miles of the rolling plains of the upper mid west. There is hope, as the Badlands and Wall Drug got them excited. Wall Drug has expanded their 'store' since I (Andy) was there 30 years ago to include a large roaring T-Rex, Water shooting out of the ground, and a place to pan for gems. Still serving lukewarm ice water - since 1931.

We were able to get some 'grub' at the Cactus cafe, and have now started to see cowboy hats, sage brush, and real mountains. It's the West.

*** From Kathy:
We had a Jackelope sighting! As you may or may not know, a Jackelope is half antelope and half jackrabbit. They are shy but imitate cowboys singing at night.

Also, on a note about the we've been travelling, I have noticed that in a city area, everything looks the same as Syracuse. Same stores, same get the picture. BUT now that we are out of corn-country (i.e. Iowa/Nebraska) -- the stores may be the same but the country is not. Brief views of ranches and the Bad Lands have been beautiful.

And lastly....I am letting Eric and Alyna use my smaller camera on this trip---so there is evidence that I exist!!! Here is the proof:

  • HI by Uncle Dennis and Aunt Judy

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