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Night Two: Des Moines, Iowa (It's actually July 9th; unless we lost a day somewhere)

(Friday 10 July 2009) by Kathy & Andy
Big Day today - We left "Somewhere between Cleveland and Toledo" about 7am and pulled into Des Moines, Iowa around 7pm (Central Time). We saw a lot of traffic and corn - basically. But we did manage to spend some time learning too - the kids are officially "Junior Rangers" for the Herbert Hoover National Historic Site (Birthplace and Presidential Library). He was President #31.

We also all know how to react when we change states - big celebration. Pennsylvania, and Ohio yesterday. Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Iowa today. So far, 380 miles on evening #1 and 640 on day #2. Only 1200 more to go before Sunday.

Interesting things we learned today:
#1 People are polite out here. If someone is in a hurry in the left lane..people actually pull over to the right and let him pass (gasp).

#2 640 miles today......I took 4658 steps. Still in the sedentary range. Somehow all the distance between my feet and the actual miles doesn't seem to jive!

#3 Kids actually LIKE to play corny games. Pass the Pig and Travel Bingo seem to be winners. We haven't tried singing yet to pass the time.

Actually....the hours really seem to melt away as you stare out the window at flat landscapes full of corn. Kids are quiet; Andy and I are quiet. Or maybe that's all in my head as I am drifting along!

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